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We meet you, the employer (virtual or in person). We capture your values, your company culture and take notes of your own UNIQUE requirements of a successful hire. We research and headhunt and present only those most qualified.

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We present only those that meet your unique requirements and share your values and who would potentially work well and in harmony within your current team. We book your interviews and administer background checks at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Hire
We guarantee your hire for 6 month

Whether the hire is no longer attaining the objective laid out, or whether they per se… fall in love and move to ITALY or ALASKA and therefore quit. We are there for you for 6 months, replacing the hire, no matter how your work relationship comes to an end.

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    Why our customers love PCV

    John McElligott
    President at Electrika Inc.

    We are truly grateful to Lora and her team at PCV for all her hard work and dedication in building team Electrika.

    Isabelle Hogue
    Executive Assistant at Paralegal Chalati

    In the past, many recruiters approached me for opportunities to no avail. And when I decided to see a recruiter for another job opportunity they failed me. When Lora first contacted me, I wasn’t really interested in the position I’m currently in, but she told me I had nothing to lose. To her recommendation, I decided to go for the interview and because of her, I finally found an employer who was willing to give me a chance and teach me paralegal skills. Not only does she have her clients at heart but the candidates too !

    Alberto Golia
    Executive Director Sunrise of Gilbert

    Lora is an amazing professional who thoroughly does her research and has this wonderful sense on how to match a position with an individual. She contacted me through LinkedIn and coached me through the process and now I am in a job which suits me so perfectly. I highly recommend Lor... See more